Featured Annual Events

Our featured events have been impacted Spring Quarter. Please refer to the Spring Quarter Updates page for current information. 
Build community by volunteering for or taking part in special annual events, such as Bienvenida and La Gran Tardeada.

Chicanx and Latinx Bienvenida

This event, sponsored by the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, kicks off the annual events for the Chicanx and Latinx community. Taking place every fall, Bienvenida welcomes new students to our familia by providing them with information about resources, organizations and networking that can help their journey at UC Davis. [fall quarter only]

Chicanx and Latinx Leadership Retreat

The Chicanx and Latinx Retreat, more commonly known as “ChiLat Retreat,” is an empowerment retreat organized and facilitated by Sol y Luna, the student-run ChiLat component of the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. The leadership retreat promotes the exploration of the sociopolitical issues at UC Davis that may affect members of the Chicanx and Latinx community. This retreat is meant to provide holistic support for first years, transfers and reentry students. It is oriented toward nurturing students’ emotional and cultural well-being by creating a space where students can bravely speak out. [fall quarter only]

Semana de la Xicana

Semana de la Xicana is an annual educational program sponsored by the Women’s Resources and Research Center. The event is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues that affect Xicanas. Semana de la Xicana aims to address gender violence and discrimination outside of and within the Chicanx and Latinx community. Held during winter quarter, Semana de la Xicana is an opportunity for community members to come together, create visibility and advocate for the needs of the Xicana community at large. [winter quarter only]

La Gran Tardeada 

The annual La Gran Tardeada, also known as Tardeada, is the culmination of La Raza Cultural Days. The event is sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center. It is a free, day-long event, held on the UC Davis Quad and open to all, that celebrates Chicanx and Latinx culture with traditional food sold by student organizations, a children’s fair and student and professional performances. [spring quarter only]

Chicana/o Studies Symposium 

Taking place during La Raza Cultural Days, this annual symposium allows both students, faculty and community members to gather and discuss contemporary pressing issues affecting the Chicanx and Latinx community. Past symposium topics include: SB1070 and the battle for ethnic studies in Arizona, Central/South American identities and feminism within our community. The symposium is sponsored by the Department of Chicana/o Studies. [spring quarter only]

Danzantes del Alma Annual Show 

Danzantes del Alma has been showcasing their talents in Mexican folkloric dance since 1977. The troupe performs many times during the year, hosts workshops and contributes to the larger Davis and UC Davis communities. The troupe performs on campus during spring quarter. This event is sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center. [spring quarter only]