Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration


2019 GRAD

Since 1987, UC Davis has celebrated the academic achievement of its Chicanx/Latinx students. The goal of the Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration is to sponsor a culturally meaningful celebration that reflects Chicanx/Latinx culture and values. This is highlighted in presentations by a keynote speaker, student speakers and cultural entertainers. The graduation celebration seeks to:

  • Allow students to participate in a more personal and meaningful celebration with students who share similar ethnic backgrounds.
  • Communicate the importance of an education for Chicanx/Latinx youth, UC Davis students, families and the community.
  • Recognize parents, family, and others for their support and love in helping us to attain our college degrees.
  • Organize a celebration for all UC Davis Chicanx/Latinx faculty, staff, students, and family in recognition that community represents the buildings blocks that help mold us into who we are as individuals.
  • Expose fellow members of the campus community who are not of Chicanx/Latinx heritage to our event in the hopes that this will foster an appreciation for our distinct struggles, culture, and achievements.
  • Serve as a recruitment mechanism as well as provide role models for the Chicanx/Latinx youth.

For more information, contact Michelle Villegas Frazier, Interim Director, Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success

Interested in participating in the 2022 Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration?

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