Academic Support and Tutoring Services

The core of our mission is to support the academic success of all students. We encourage you to take advantage of the multitude of academic support services we offer, ranging from tutoring in Math/Statistics, Physics, and Writing by Academic Success Specialists from UC Davis Academic Assistance and Tutoring, to research support from UC Davis librarians, to credit-bearing small group seminars.

Chemistry, Math/Statistics, Physics, and Writing Tutoring 

Academic Assistance and Tutoring offers tutoring in the following topics: chemistry, math/statistics, physics, and writing. Their specialists collaborate with us to schedule twice weekly drop in tutoring sessions ranging from 1-3 hours per session. Check the schedule for the various subjects offered each quarter at El Centro. [fall, winter, and spring quarters]

Pan Dulce with Academic Success Specialist Support

In collaboration with Academic Assistance and Tutoring, CCLASS offers academic support across multiple disciplines. Once a week, an Academic Success Specialist hosts drop-in hours for students to come by for tutoring. We offer pan dulce and coffee during this time. [fall, winter, and spring quarters]

Latte with a Librarian

In collaboration with Shields Library, El Centro will host two professional librarians who are ready to help you navigate databases and find empirical research studies for your research papers and projects. Come get support and enjoy some good coffee at El Centro! [fall, winter, and spring quarters]

Co-Class for Workload 57 (WLD 991)

A writing co-class is offered to support students with writing and to provide additional support to complete WLD 57 course successfully. Students taking WLD 57 take this co-class in CCLASS with a trained writing specialist. [fall, winter, and spring quarters]

Chicana and Latina Mujeres Course (FYS 004)

The purpose of this course is to create a space where Chicanas and Latinas can engage in dialogue about what success in higher education means for them.  We intend to re-define traditional views of what it means to be a Chicana/Latina woman in higher education by exploring and challenging cultural strength and challenge that conflict with mainstream institutions. [fall and spring quarters]

Research Support Seminar (EDU 98)

The purpose of this course is to empower first year and second year students academically by exposing them to library resources and personnel as well as to other campus support services. In addition, this space is provided to establish a sense of community and to empower students to be leaders in the expansion of Chicanx and Latinx research. The course is designed to create awareness of research support services as a way to promote student scholarly development and academic success. All first year and second year students are welcome to take this seminar for 2 units. Credit in this course does not apply to education minor. [fall quarter only]

Transfer Course (CHI 198)

This course is designed to address unique issues sophomores/new transfer students face and will encourage full engagement in the collective campus community. As well as to support sophomore’s transition to juniors and juniors to seniors by providing resources to better understand academic progress and establishing self-identity. [winter quarter only]

Chicano and Latino Men Course (CHI 98/198)

The purpose of this course is to create a space where Chicano and Latino success in higher education is re-defined by exploring and challenging traditional views of what it means to be Chicano and Latino men. Students participating in this course will learn about where the Chicano and Latino man stands with regards to higher education. [spring quarter only]