Academic Advising Services

Our in person services are impacted during Spring Quarter. Please refer to the Spring Quarter Updates page for current information.  
Join us for drop-in advising with a College academic advisor who can answer questions for current and prospective undergraduate students related to University requirements, College requirements, General Education (GE) courses and progress, graduation requirements, minimum progress, and academic standing. We also offer department-specific, EOP, and pre-graduate advising.

College Academic Advising

Academic advisors from the four UC Davis Colleges offer drop in academic advising sessions and also schedule appointments with students. The advisors offer holistic advising and connect our students to relevant and needed resources on campus. Please refer to the calendar for each quarter's offerings. [fall, winter, and spring quarters]

Department/Major-Specific Academic Advising

On a variable basis, academic advisors for specific majors will offer drop in hours so current and prospective undergraduate students can get their questions on major/minor requirements, GEs, and career opportunities answered. Please refer to the calendar for each quarter's offerings. [offerings vary each quarter]

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advising

Come in and benefit from speaking to an Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Peer Advisor Counselor (PAC). The PAC offers drop in hours at CCLASS to academically advise students and guide them as they navigate UC Davis. Learn more about EOP and take advantage of their great support services. (fall, winter and spring quarters)

Pre-Graduate/Professional School Advising

Are you considering graduate and/or professional school? If so, consider attending drop in hours hosted at El Centro by a staff advisor from Pre-Graduate/Professional Advising to get your questions answered and enhance your preparation. [fall, winter, and spring quarters]