Winter Quarter Services

Workshop co-sponsored by CCLASS

Academic Advising

Academic advisors from the four colleges offer drop in academic advising sessions and also schedule appointments with students. The advisors offer holistic advising and connect our students to relevant and needed resources on campus.

CAN Counseling

Roxana Reyes, CAN Counselor, will be available to see students. She offers mental health and wellness resources. In collaboration with Student Health and Counseling Services, Roxana brings a wealth of experience in providing students with comfort and support.

In Lak’ech (Mujeres/Women's Support Group)

In Lak’ech is a Chicana/Latina Women’s Therapy group. The goal of In Lak’ech is to decolonize the therapeutic encounter. By identifying and creating culturally appropriate methods and practices of healing, we free ourselves from Euro-Centric assumptions and prescriptions for our lives. Abandoning Western ideas of therapy groups, and apoyando our gente the way we know how, con dichos, cuentos, chistes, chisme y comida. If interested students must contact Roxana Reyes, LMFT or Adriana Torres, LMFT.

TLACELEL (Men Support Group)

TLACELEL is our Chicano and Latino Men Support group. We meet informally to chat with each other and form a network of support. Together we re-define what it means to be a men at UC Davis and explore where we stand in higher education.

Casa Seminar FYAC SPA 98

The Spanish Department at UC Davis offers a Spanish seminar for our Casa Cuauhtemoc residents. The seminar focuses on exploring our bilingualism and experience with the Spanish Language. Students are connected to faculty and staff who relate to their experience and are able to learn about campus resources and things to do.

Transfer Course

This course is designed to address unique issues sophomores/new transfer students face and will encourage full engagement in the collective campus community. As well as to support sophomore’s transition to juniors and juniors to seniors by providing resources to better understand academic progress and establishing self-identity.

Internship and Career Center Professional Intern Hours

In collaboration with the Internship and Career Center, CCLASS hosts two student intern specialists. These interns are prepared to provide students with drop-in internship and career/job preparation advising. Come in for resume, cover letter, or internship search support.

Math and Physics Specialist

In collaboration with the Student Academic Success Center, CCLASS offers academic support in math and physics twice a week. A math and physics specialist hosts two hour sessions each time they visit.

Pan Dulce with Writing Specialist Support

In collaboration with the Student Academic Success Center, CCLASS offers academic support in writing. Once a week, a writing specialist hosts drop in hours for students to come by for writing support in their essays and class assignments. We offer pan dulce and coffee during this time.

Meet and Greets

In collaboration with Undergraduate Admissions, we host regional meet and greets with new students. We connect new students from a region in California to continuing students from the same region and high schools. We provide an opportunity for students to meet each other and create community.

Semana de la Xicana

Semana de la Xicana is an annual educational program sponsored by the Women’s Resources and Research Center. The event is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues that affect Xicanas. Semana de la Xicana aims to address gender violence and discrimination outside of and within the Chicanx and Latinx community. Held during winter quarter, Semana de la Xicana is an opportunity for community members to come together, create visibility and advocate for the needs of the Xicana community at large.