Participate in the 2019 Chicanx/Latinx Graduation Celebration

Preparing for the graduation ceremony

Thirty-five years ago Chicanx and Latinx students came together to discuss the possibility of having a special graduation that would reflect their achievements and struggles here at UC Davis. These students wished to develop a personal and culturally relevant opportunity for students to recognize their parents, family, and significant others who contributed to their success here at the university.

The celebration brings together the entire community to acknowledge its significance in supporting our achievements. This event seeks to inspire younger siblings and family members by showing that Chicanx and Latinx students do succeed in college and can serve as positive role models. Rest assured that this celebration does not conflict with the traditional ceremony that the university provides.

Graduation Participation Form

To guarantee a place in June’s celebration, we need your reservation no later than February 18, 2019 by 11:59 pm. If you are interested in participating, please complete the participation form via survey monkey.

General (Planning/Voting) Meetings

If you are graduating in 2018 (winter, spring, summer or fall quarters) we encourage your participation in our celebration planning. Commitment and dedication are all that is needed for a successful event along with considerable cooperation and support from our community. Please make every attempt to attend the planning and voting meeting as almost ALL decisions are made at these meetings.

Please contact Cirilo Cortez if you have any questions.

Winter 2019 Graduation Planning Meetings

  • January 23, 2019    4:00pm-5:30pm  3201 Hart Hall
  • February 6, 2019    4:30pm-6:00pm  3201 Hart Hall
  • February 20, 2019  4:00pm-6:00pm  3201 Hart Hall
  • March 6, 2019         4:00pm-6:00pm  3201 Hart Hall